Cast of Characters

Rosemary Brown | Franz Liszt | The Bishop of Southwark | Ian Parrot
Edna Moseley | John Naffis | Pierce Ingoldsby
Kyrsten Lew

A first time interviewer for the BBC, Edna Moseley doesn't believe that Rosemary is a real medium.

Kyrsten Gabrielle Lew is eighteen years old. She was born in Riverside, California and lived there until the age of nine when her family moved to Stockton, California. Currently, she is a hard working Freshman at UC Santa Barbara and her many interests have made her hesitant to declare a major. An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common is her first film. However, she has previously enjoyed the limelight as an extra in an independent film about Japanese internment camps called ?A Day of Independence?. Kyrsten participated in drama throughout high school at East Union. In advanced theatre she performed in several plays including ?Robin Hood? where she honed her English accent. She also served as the Thespian president of Troupe #4467. Kyrsten has always loved to act and she has enjoyed being in this film. It was a new experience for her and getting to work with the cast and crew has made it unforgettable.