Cast of Characters

Rosemary Brown | Franz Liszt | The Bishop of Southwark | Ian Parrot
Edna Moseley | John Naffis | Pierce Ingoldsby
Justin Stark

John Naffis is using his position as a camera man for the BBC to be the inside man for a unnamed secret society intent on stopping the work of Rosemary Brown.

Justin Stark studied theatre at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he grew up, and has been acting since he was 13.  He was last seen in Tape at The Center Stage Theatre and last year as Froggie in The Foreigner at The Garvin Theatre.  Justin has also been in productions of The Man Who Came to Dinner and  Gunfighter: A Gulf War Chronicle at The Garvin Theatre.  Last year Justin was the Center Stage Theatre with Dramatic Women as Dubya in The Last Liberal.  Playing another foreigner, Justin played Brodie in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing at Santa Barbara Ensemble Theatre.