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Ronit Corry

Rosemary Brown is a medium. A quiet gentle woman, she is modest and charming, if not a little air-headed.

Ronit Corry started her life in Montreal Canada and moved to London England at the age of 14. She spent 2 years pursuing a degree in 3D Art and then changed directions and received a BA in the Performance Arts from Middlesex University, London.

Her life as a performer began when she was a child, singing and performing with her father on stage at his folk and blues club in Montreal and in other venues.

Ronit was key member of a rock band in London in the 1980's playing guitar and singing. The band performed around London as well as recorded extensively in studios.

Ronit has performed in many capacities ranging from improvisational a cappella to her own musical compositions for dramatic productions. She has acted in a variety of types of shows from experimental drama and comedy to musicals.

Ronit left England for San Francisco in 1989. There she attended the 3 year full-time Alexander Technique training course at American Conservatory Theatre in order to become an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. During this time she worked with actors and musicians assisting them with refinement of stage presence, projection, poise and vocal production.

Ronit is also a certified Life Coach specializing in The Work of Byron Katie and helping people to achieve their goals of self-fulfillment and freedom.

She is scheduled to appear as the "Love Coach to the Stars" character in a soon to be regularly scheduled Hollywood satire.

Most recently she appeared on television and in a short film screened at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.