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Technical Assistant

Jason Ryder

Jason Ryderhas been a storyteller from the beginning, but it wasn’t until he picked up his first video camera in 1987 he realized he could save the world through the lens of a camera. He attained his degree in the theater arts program at Las Positas College where he wrote, directed, and stage-managed several successful plays. Jason gained his film world experience in the real world by producing and coordinating for other directors. Some of his clients include TLC, PBS, KTEC, Water Buffalo Films, Idea Factory, and many more on shows such as Rides, and Wired Science. Jason also produced several narrative short films and in the last five years has begun to launch his own endeavors as a writer/director. Jason has put one film through the festival circuit, has two films in post-production, one currently in production, and one more in preproduction. In addition, Jason has written a dozen short films waiting to be produced, and has written professionally for a cartoon series and two feature films under contract for fellow directors. Concurrently, Jason manages the Valley Rock Gym and still takes film gigs as a production assistant, coordinator, writer, or technician for independent productions and television shows.