Mark-David Hosale

computational artist and composer


Bit Signal Fabric is a virtual universe that consists of many worlds constructed/devised by multi-disciplinary collaborators as an embodiment of a transmodal artistic principle. The virtual universe of Bit Signal Fabric is explored and controlled by many participants, in a shared view. The users' traversal of the world-spaces and of the transitions stages an indeterminate narrative, a navigable music. The world-spaces are connected not just through navigable transition but also through contamination: objects or phenomena in one world-space having associated impact in another.

Each world employs multi-tiered algorithmic networks as ground. These networks are transmodal, enabling fields of expression to grow from modalities of 1D (sound) through 2D (image) and 3D (virtual space), and continuing inevitably towards n-D information space-times. For example, one part of the network might allow musical events to construct a virtual sculpture; while in another sonic clouds may be arranged spatially according to the analysis of a video stream; yet both parts of the network might be directly or indirectly feeding each other through another tier of the universe network.

The content of Bit Signal Fabric is constantly evolving. Each presentation of Bit Signal Fabric is a unique manifestation of its universe. In the universe of Bit Signal Fabric, worlds are constantly in flux. What the user sees at any given point is not the end point of a work with a single outcome, but a moment in the life of an evolving work with numerous potential, and changing outcomes.

The physical set-up of Bit Signal Fabric involves the use of multiple projectors and loudspeakers arranged in such a way as to create an immersive environment for the user. User's interact with the space using custom rapid prototyped devices combined with the CREATE USB Interface (CUI).