homunculus nimbus premiered at Camp Wavelength 2018, Fort York, Toronto, August 18-19, 2018.
and then showed at the Winter Lights Festival, Ontario Place, Toronto, November 23, 2018 – March 17, 2019

homunculus.nimbus is the reimagining of a previous work called, homunculus.agora, which was exhibited at Land|Slide Possible Futures, Markham Museum September 21st- October 14th 2013; and Farm To Table Exhibition, Markham Museum January 31st –August 17th, 2014. homunculus nimbus and homunculus.agora are both installations made of several sculptural bodies (homunculi) that are organized in a fluid-like cluster. In homunculus.nimbus the homunculi are used to cover a 23 foot diameter, shell-like pavilion pavilion that acts as a habitat for the homunculi. homunculus nimbus is intended to be both an alien and familiar, a projection of a future where synthetic life-forms may be commonplace. The exhibit simulates the life-like resting and wake cycles in nocturnal beings by providing quiet and shade in the day, and light that responds to the sounds and activities of the festival at night. When awake the sculptural pieces exhibit a continuous flow of light patterns in response to each other, visitors in the pavilion, and the environment around them.