1. Introduction
2. Concept of Project and Motivations
3. Interface and Interaction Design
 3.1 Additional Controls
 3.2 Housing
 3.3 Circuitry and Interfacing
4. Uses
5. Breakdown of Timeline
6. Resources

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2. Concept of Project and Motivations:  

The Super Retro Fader Box (figure 1.) is a hybridized form of rescued technology. The main interface consists of two rows of twelve faders that are housed in plastic molding that was removed from a light-board kept operational in the UCSB Drama Department’s Old Little Theater from 1963 until it was finally decommissioned in 2002.

In addition to the aesthetic of reusing and absorbing 1950’s technology, motivation for this project developed from the idea of using the physicality of a real-world light-board interface in the control of audio and video processes in terms of scenes that are crossfaded from one state to the next.

Figure 1. Conceptual 3-D rendering of the Super Retro Fader Box.

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