1. Introduction
2. Concept of Project and Motivations
3. Interface and Interaction Design
 3.1 Additional Controls
 3.2 Housing
 3.3 Circuitry and Interfacing
4. Uses
5. Breakdown of Timeline
6. Resources

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3.1 Additional Controls:  

In order to make the Super Retro Fader Box more compelling as a media controller additional hardware will be added. Figure 2. shows the top view of the Super Retro Fader Box. The lighter grey portion in the center represents the original plastic molding of the fader section of the unit. The dark grey border around the fader housing is a mounting plate. In addition to the original faders, two crossfaders have been added to the left and the right sides. Also two banks of twelve SPST pushbuttons have been added to the top and bottom of the unit. Mounted in the unit are twenty-four LED indicators, one for each pushbutton, that indicate a pushbutton’s state (on or off).

Figure 2. Top view of the Super Retro Fader Box.


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