1. Introduction
2. Concept of Project and Motivations
3. Interface and Interaction Design
 3.1 Additional Controls
 3.2 Housing
 3.3 Circuitry and Interfacing
4. Uses
5. Breakdown of Timeline
6. Resources

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5. Breakdown of Timeline :  

The progress of Super Retro Faderbox will be determined by achieving certain milestones during the course of its development. An overview of these goals is listed in Table 2 by week.

April 24-30

Complete the housing, begin mounting and wiring the hardware.

May 1-7

Build circuits.

May 8-14

Program the microcontrollers.

May 15-21

Double check the circuits and finish wiring the hardware, mounting the PC board, etc.

May 22-28

Begin designing software for the Super Retro Faderbox

May 29- June 4

Complete software design and test run; present the work.

Table 2. Development goals of the Super Retro Faderbox, listed by week.

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