1. Introduction
2. Concept of Project and Motivations
3. Interface and Interaction Design
 3.1 Additional Controls
 3.2 Housing
 3.3 Circuitry and Interfacing
4. Uses
5. Breakdown of Timeline
6. Resources

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3. Interface and Interaction Design:  

As stated in section 2, the core hardware of the Super Retro Fader Box consists of two rows of twelve faders that are housed in plastic molding. These two rows were originally used to set scenes in a theater lighting system. Scenes could be set on one row, and then crossfaded from the previous scene for complex lighting transitions. The original crossfaders were left in the original housing for the light-board. A new housing will be built for more portability and to allow room for added functionality. The new housing will be explained in further detail in the following sections.

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